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I as a mother and a midwife do support those who want to get pregnant, pregnant women, mothers and babies. I speak English and my classes are small and in a safe place. Please feel free to get in touch with me.


Maternity Yoga

Every Saturday 


75minutes (including herb tea time) 



We will relieve symptoms such as low back pain, swelling and rebound during pregnancy, and practice breathing techniques and movements that are useful for childbirth. Let's share your concerns about pregnancy and feelings about childbirth.


☆Attendance criteria

・After the 16th week of pregnancy to before the water break and labor.

・Get permission from the doctor in charge.

・No signs of imminent miscarriage or premature birth such as contraction of the uterus, bleeding, short cervical length, and regularly taking for contraction of the uterus.

・You are not suffering from an infection such as influenza that may be transmitted to others.



・If you feel contraction of the uterus or tired while practicing yoga, do not overdo it.

・Finish the meal 60 minutes in advance.

・Comfortable clothes


☆What to bring 

・Mother and child notebook, drink, towel (for sweat), yoga mat (bath towel if you don't have one)

Mom & Baby Yoga

Every Friday


75minutes (including herb tea time) 



We will loosen up the body that is solid in breastfeeding and holding. When circulation is improved, not only will stiffness be eased, but milk will also be easier to come out, and above all, feelings will be refreshed and you will feel better. You can also enjoy physical contact with babies.

☆Attendance criteria

・ Those who have passed the vaginal delivery for more than 1 month and have been told by the doctor that there is no problem at the 1 month postpartum checkup.

・ Those who have passed 3 months or more after cesarean section and have been diagnosed with no problems by a medical checkup at 1 month postpartum. Also, there are no wounds or pain.

・Neither mother nor child suffers from an infectious disease such as influenza that may be transmitted to others.



・If you feel sick during yoga practice, do not overdo it.

・You can breastfeed during class. 

・Finish the meal 60 minutes in advance.

・Comfortable clothes


☆What to bring

・Mother and child notebook, drinks, towels (for wiping your own sweat and under the baby), baby drinks and diapers, yoga mats (bath towels if you don't have one)

Yoga for those who want to get pregnant

Every Saturday 9:00-10:15

75minutes (including herb tea time) 



Move your entire body to increase your metabolism. The focus is on improving circulation around the pelvis. Let's talk about things that are difficult to talk about.


・If you feel sick during yoga practice, do not overdo it.

・Finish the meal 60 minutes in advance.

・Comfortable clothes


☆What to bring

・ Drinks, towels, yoga mats (bath towels if you do not have them)

Baby Massage

Every Friday


60minutes(including herb tea time) 


500yen/1 family

The way to communicate with your baby. Helps your baby easier to poop, drink, eat, and feel better over all. It is said to increase the baby's metabolism and immunity.

☆ Attendance criteria

・Baby from2 months old to before start crawling. 


☆What to bring

・One bath towel, baby drinks, diapers, etc.

Maternity Class

Held upon request



It is not an antenatal class in a large group such as in a hospital, but a small and cozy class. You can ask questions that would be difficult to ask in big groups. I will talk a bit deeper about pregnancy and childbirth.

☆ Attendance criteria

・ All pregnant women

Postpartum Class

Held upon request
2 hours


Because there is no example of parenting, you have to do it by looking at yourself. I will talk about my own experiences, including questions and anxieties that I experienced since I became a mother.

☆ Attendance criteria

・Postpartum mothers and babies

Yoga for Everyone

Every Saturday 


75minutes(including herb tea time)


Anyone other than pregnant women, mothers and babies can participate. As you move slowly in time with your breathing, even beginners can participate with peace of mind.


☆ Notes

・ If you feel sick during yoga practice, do not overdo it.

・ Finish the meal 60 minutes in advance.

・Comfortable clothes. 


☆ belongings

・ Drinks, towels, yoga mats (bath towels if you don't have them)


Private lesson

Private lessons are also offered for the above classes outside the time frame.

You will receive guidance on a one-on-one basis, so you can receive it carefully and with more peace of mind.


The fees for private classes are double of the regular ones.


Off-location classes

I also offer private at-home lessons and can be booked for events.

Different fees apply. Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more.


I'm Sara. I have been a midwife for over 13 years. Also I have 8 years experience as an aroma massage therapist for pregnant woman, have taught maternity yoga for 7 years and have done baby massage for 1 year.

Although Japan is now richer in terms of materiality, it seems that the number of people who are isolated is increasing and spiritual and social connections are diminishing.

Especially in urban areas it is difficult to receive support from family and neighbors, so depressions and abuses are increasing.


I am also a mother. Of course the baby is cute, but I've been frustrated and cried many times.

So far, medical care has been the main focus in hospitals. But I believe that is more important to strengthen the body and mind, so pregnant women, mothers, and babies stay healthy and can have a peace of mind.

If the mother is happy, the baby will be happy, and of course the family overall will be happy. I hope I can help you make your pregnancy and childcare enjoyable and fun.

And for those who want a baby …

From the day I wanted a baby it took me more than 2 years to get pregnant.

I went through a lot of research, tried what I heard was good, but it was hard to get pregnant, and I was repeatedly irritated and sunk.

I didn't have anyone to talk about it, and my feelings were getting worse.

Let's exercise together while talking about the thoughts that we find difficult talking about to our loved ones.


Please feel free to get in touch with me.



A detailed address will be given to you after the class participation is confirmed.


The venue is 

+ 5 minutes from Shijo Subway Station 

+ 10 minutes from Hankyu Karasuma Station or Omiya Station

+ 10 minutes from Randen (Kyofuku Electric Railway)

+ 10 minutes from Shijo Omiya Station

+ 1 minute from the nearest bus stop

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the class or would like to participate, please fill out the following form.

* In the questions-field, please indicate the number of weeks of pregnancy or the number of months after childbirth.

Class you would like to participate

Thank you!

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